🌟 Embrace the New You in 2024 with the Power of Boudoir 🌟

As we step into the promising journey of 2024, let’s embark on a transformation together! At Photography By Krisleen, we believe in the incredible power of boudoir photography to uplift and empower, helping you embrace the new you. 📸 Capturing Confidence: The Boudoir Experience Unveiled 📸 Boudoir photography is more

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Elevating Wellness through Boudoir Parties

Health and wellness are buzzwords gaining momentum for good reason. For far too long we have pushed aside our own physical, mental and emotional health for the sake of our families, careers and societal pressures to put others first. I’m so grateful that we are living in a time where

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Boudoir Photography is the Ultimate Gift to Yourself

Now that Halloween is over and we are heading into the holidays, many of you have gift-giving on your minds. While giving tokens of affection to your loved ones is undeniably enjoyable, it’s worth pointing out the one person who may seldom be on the receiving end of your generosity. 

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Newborn Photography: Because Babies Grow Up

“Time moves slowly but passes quickly.” Alice Walker We can thank the 90s for hair scrunchies, internet chat rooms, alternative rock… and also for newborn photography as we know it today. Before famous artist Anne Geddes began releasing images of wee ones tucked in pea pods and flower pots, newborn

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Connecting with Your Body Through Maternity Boudoir

You’ve heard me express over and over again how boudoir photography opens a pathway for self-love and body acceptance, and one of the most crucial times for a woman to accept and love her body is during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey that ushers in a whirlwind of emotions

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Service to Friendship: Keeping Our Service Dogs Happy

It’s pretty obvious at this point why we appreciate service dogs so much, but do they appreciate us? Are working dogs happy? Considering how much they help us, it’s good to question their well-being. In order to be happy, dogs need: If you remember from my last newsletter, only about

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