5 Reasons Why a Boudoir Album Makes the Perfect Gift

Boudoir photography isn’t only a classic art form, it also makes the ultimate gift for your significant other. It’s sexy, sensual, unforgettable, and completely unique and I’m about to give you five reasons why your boudoir photo album will be the perfect gift for your special person.

boudoir album

1. It will leave them speechless

How often do you get to totally wow your partner? Keep your photo session a secret and watch that look of amazement cross their face when they open your gift.

2. It’s ageless

Would you like never to age another day in your life? Booking a session with Krisleen is like capturing yourself forever, just as you are today. You know those vintage, sexy, pinup portraits you’ve seen? You are going to be one of those women.

Reasons Why

3. It’s safe From Being Re-Gifted

Ever wonder if your special gift has been rewrapped and passed along to another person? Not a chance with this gem. Your photo album will be cherished forever and never leave the possession of its recipient.

Photography By Krisleen

4. It’s a reward for yourself 

Talk about a double whammy! Aside from all the reasons why your boudoir session makes a great gift, it’s also a fantastic way to boost your self-image and increase your sense of empowerment.

“I can honestly affirm [that Krisleen] makes women feel like goddesses, myself included.”

It will even give you an excuse to have a special day for yourself.

“Woman empowerment and comfort are the goals. I didn’t even look at my phone or think of my schedule because the day was all about me.”
Photography By Krisleen

5. It’s an excuse to finally book that session

You’ve been seeing those beautiful, sexy portraits on Pinterest and Instagram and heard all about your friend’s photoshoots.  You’ve even subscribed to Krisleen’s newsletter and cruised around her web gallery… but you just haven’t worked up the nerve to pull the trigger and set your own consultation. This is your sign to do it. Do it now! Goddesses who book their appointments by November 8th will have their boudoir album in their sexy little hands by December 25th, but spots are filling up quickly.  Running out of time? Book by January 10th and be ahead of the crowd for the ultimate Valentine’s gift.

Need a little more convincing? I have 5 MORE reasons why you haven’t considered coming up in the next post. Stay tuned!

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