Connecting with Your Body Through Maternity Boudoir

You’ve heard me express over and over again how boudoir photography opens a pathway for self-love and body acceptance, and one of the most crucial times for a woman to accept and love her body is during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey that ushers in a whirlwind of emotions

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Service to Friendship: Keeping Our Service Dogs Happy

It’s pretty obvious at this point why we appreciate service dogs so much, but do they appreciate us? Are working dogs happy? Considering how much they help us, it’s good to question their well-being. In order to be happy, dogs need: If you remember from my last newsletter, only about

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The Dog Days of Summer: Paws for Effect

The “Dog Days of Summer” is taking on a whole new meaning this year as much of the world is experiencing extreme heat, but I want to take the opportunity of this season to talk about a particular category of dogs that holds a special place in my heart… service

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A Sneak Peek at My 2023

The year is coming to a close so I wanted to pop into your inbox and wish you the happiest of what the holiday season has to offer. Your business, encouragement, and beautiful bodies have made this year truly incredible. Thank you for trusting me with your special events, your

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I’ve Been Featured in a Magazine Article!

Being a business owner is a multitude of things … freeing, empowering, scary, and hard AF at times. So much work behind the scenes and many moments when you don’t feel the glory of it. Getting to do what I love for a job is absolutely fulfilling and I would

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Meet Krisleen

Meet Krisleen…. Let me introduce myself – I am Krisleen, a boudoir photographer in Colorado.  I spent the majority of my life as an Air Traffic Controller and retired at the end of 2016.  I love airplanes and found this to be a very fulfilling career.  As I moved on

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