Connecting with Your Body Through Maternity Boudoir

You’ve heard me express over and over again how boudoir photography opens a pathway for self-love and body acceptance, and one of the most crucial times for a woman to accept and love her body is during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey that ushers in a whirlwind of emotions and physical changes.

Many soon-to-be-moms experience a sensation of disconnect from their own body during pregnancy, and it makes sense considering how many changes are happening all at once. With all of the new things happening to your body, and the range of emotions that are bubbling up, it’s completely normal to feel detached from your own skin or to have the feeling that your body isn’t really “yours” anymore. 

What you’re feeling isn’t uncommon at all. While I personally enjoyed my pregnancy very much, I understand not everyone has the same experience. Jodi Rubin, licensed social worker and eating disorder specialist, has a lot to say about pregnant women and their struggles with their bodies. (I’ve included a link at the end of this article if you wish to explore this topic further*) 

Photography By Krisleen

“How you feel [about your pregnancy] is going to depend a lot on your relationship with your body,” she says. Surrounding yourself with a strong support system, staying active and appreciating the amazing work your body is doing can work wonders on your overall mood and outlook during your pregnancy.

My maternity boudoir sessions help you connect with your body in several ways.

You get to see yourself in a new way

I think pregnant women are stunning. Their skin is glowing, their curves are softer, and they radiate with new life. Sometimes it’s hard for them to see that on their own, and that’s when my job becomes even more enjoyable. I capture the way light glows on their skin, their body holding their new baby safe and close, and the glimmer in their eye that says, “That’s right. I’m growing a WHOLE person inside of me.” When they get to see what I see, it changes their perspective.

Photography By Krisleen

You have to take your body out of hiding

In the not-too-distant past, pregnancy was a private matter that society wanted to keep behind closed doors. Remember the shock of Demi Moore posing naked and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair in the early 90s? Thankfully we’ve come a long way and don’t think twice about seeing a pregnant woman in public, but it’s still common for pregnant persons to want to hide behind baggy tops and rompers. 

Boudoir sessions give you a chance to peel out of your maternity clothes and remind yourself you are a woman with a sexy, blossoming body doing what it’s meant to do. It’s an opportunity to embrace your female identity and remind yourself of the remarkable work your body is doing. The empowerment you receive with that kind of awareness is priceless.

Photography By Krisleen

It’s an opportunity to show honor

When we celebrate pregnancies, it’s important to remember that the baby isn’t the only star of the show. Your body is doing a tremendous job and deserves its time in the spotlight too. A photo session is a great way to let your body know that you are full of gratitude for its strength and resiliency. It gives you the chance to show off your body with pride and confidence.

Consider your photo session a beautiful way to convey your deep gratitude to your body for the incredible journey it is on. Flipping through your album over the coming years will always remind you of the amazing work you’ve done, what you’re capable of and how beautiful every part of creating new life truly is. 


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