Intimacy Unveiled: Boudoir for Your Wedding Engagement

Engaged to be married? Congratulations!

intimacy unveiled

I think that love and relationships are some of the most important things to celebrate. Celebration enables our brains to pause, savor the moment, and forever mark it as an essential event worth remembering.

Celebration creates a bookmark in our minds and memories.

There are a lot of classic ways to celebrate an engagement… a showing-off-the-ring photo, an engagement party, or a surprise announcement to family and friends. But, of course, I’m all about boudoir over here and think a photo session is a creative way to bookmark your special moment.

Whether you want to pose alone or enjoy a couple’s experience, here are 4 reasons I love photographing brides.

Photography By Krisleen

A boudoir shoot boosts self-confidence

Entering into a new phase of a relationship is the perfect time to store up a little extra confidence. Let my team and I show you how beautiful your body is and give your attractive personality a chance to shine. Don’t think you have enough confidence to pose for photographs? I’ll change all of that during our session and before you know it you’ll be beaming with pride for your wedding day photos.

Photography By Krisleen

A couple’s shoot celebrates your love and intimacy

Your love for one another is obvious to everyone around you, but your intimate moments are largely hidden. That’s one reason our couple shoots are so meaningful. Forever capturing the way she looks at you, the way he holds you, the safety of having your bodies close to one another… this is priceless. Capturing your unique chemistry together celebrates your bond and honors the wonderful relationship you have built together. 

Beautiful Heirloom Albums make an amazing gift for your spouse

Presenting your lover with an album full of your sensual artwork is a moment you’ll both never forget. Save it as a gift for your wedding day, or surprise your future spouse at another significant moment as a reminder that you are a very special gift. Many of our brides have reflected that they can finally see themselves through their partner’s eyes when they view their images and the gift receiver is often speechless.

Read all about this in Why Every Bride Needs a Boudoir Shoot.

Photography By Krisleen

It creates memories NOW

It’s easy when you’re in a wedding-planning mode to constantly be thinking of the future, but your life together is already starting RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, to lose 10 pounds, or for the stars to align just perfectly. Do it now! Kiss each other often, laugh as much as possible, give gifts, and embrace each other just as you are.

I am so excited about the adventure you are on and can’t wait to help you celebrate your engagement. Set up your consultation and let’s talk!

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