The Empowered Mom: Celebrating Motherhood with Maternity Boudoir

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The raw, natural beauty of the pregnant body is truly remarkable. As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s important to celebrate the beauty and strength of expecting mothers. While you are becoming attached to your growing baby, you can also be falling in love with yourself all over again. Many pregnant women express feeling more beautiful, sensual, and sexy than ever and are turning to boudoir photo sessions to capture this transformation as a unique piece of art.

Boudoir? When I’m pregnant?

I think we’re all pretty familiar with maternity portraits, but boudoir adds a unique spin to this timeless tradition. The changes happening in your body are miraculous and it’s common to find yourself feeling more comfortable in your skin than ever before. The pregnant body is feminine, strong, and literally full of life. I want to capture this beauty for you to enjoy for a lifetime.
Pregnancy is a special moment in time and, while it can feel like you’re going to be pregnant forever at times, it’s a relatively fleeting occurrence. You’ll be celebrating this child for the rest of your life with birthdays, graduations, and a million other moments… but when will you celebrate your pregnancy? Remember, celebrations cause us to bookmark a significant event, and photographic art offers a beautiful, visual reminder.

Photography By Krisleen

As we turn our attention to Mother’s Day, it’s important to remember that expecting mothers deserve to be celebrated too. While traditional maternity portraits focus on the growing bond between mother and baby, boudoir sessions put all the focus on you. And you need this time in the spotlight! Aside from all the hard work your body is doing, you’re about to be launched into full-time motherhood and our photography session gives you a chance to be pampered. I want to show off your glowing skin, swelling belly, and full breasts. Soon everyone will be cooing over your precious baby, but right now you deserve to be admired.  

Speaking of our precious babies, a mother and newborn session is another option. This is a beautiful way of capturing the special connection between mom and baby while highlighting the amazing journey both of your bodies have been on. This can be a single session or part of a maternity/newborn package if you would like to have both experiences.

What do I need to know?

I prefer to schedule maternity sessions around 7 months of pregnancy. This will give your belly time to fill out but doesn’t put us so close to the delivery date that we need to worry about complications such as early labor, swelling, and other late-stage pregnancy irritations. 

Obviously, your typical lingerie won’t fit very well right now. A babydoll top with an open seam in the front looks really attractive and is one of my favorite pieces to work with. I also have robes, sheets, and furry blankets that we can arrange to highlight your body. My clothing advice remains the same… choose items that make you feel comfortable, accentuate your favorite features, and make you feel good about your body.

Photography By Krisleen
Image by József Kincse from Pixabay 

On a personal note, my pregnancy was one of my favorite times in my life and it brings me joy to help other mothers embrace this special moment as well. Your boudoir artwork will always remind you of how powerful and sexy your body is, and the confidence you gain will last well beyond these 9 months. I can’t wait to work with you and help you celebrate your pregnancy.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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