Why Every Bride Needs a Boudoir Photoshoot

You’ve booked your wedding venue, chosen your honeymoon destination, written your guest list, and shopped for dresses… but have you booked a session with your bridal boudoir photographer yet? If you thought you would skip this item on your to-do list you’re making a big mistake, and here’s why.


You deserve some pampering

While wedding photos have been a tradition for ages, bridal boudoir photography is gaining popularity for a reason. With all of the stress involved in planning a wedding, a boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate a momentous occasion while pampering yourself at the same time. As the bride, you are responsible for a never-ending list of tasks, while attempting to keep everyone else happy, and you need a day that is all about you. Consider your photoshoot a self-care day where you sit back as our transformation team makes you look and feel beautiful, empowered, and confident about your upcoming adventure. Besides your wedding night, it’s probably one of the most fun events of getting married. Not only do you deserve this… you need this. 

Photography By Krisleen

You need a boost of confidence

If you want to start your new life together with a surge of self-esteem, a boudoir shoot is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Our brides walk away from their photoshoots feeling on top of the world. A talented photographer, hair, and makeup artist will help you see yourself in a whole new light and change your perspective on what makes you feel sexy and beautiful. Capturing these images forever means you’ll always remember how alluring you are and how lucky your future spouse is. 

Photography By Krisleen

You need a reminder that your body is a gift

Your new spouse is getting an amazing wedding present, and I’m not talking about the bread maker that will never be used. They’re getting you, all of you — your love, devotion, support…  and your body. It can be an uphill battle learning to love your body, but the effort is 100% worth it. Embracing your body the way it looks right now sends the message to your partner that you know your worth, and that is a powerful statement to launch a new marriage with. A bridal boudoir book full of images of your beautiful body is a wonderful gift to present to your spouse and is a tangible object that will always be a reminder of the fantastic gift that you are.

Photography By Krisleen

The easiest task

Booking a boudoir photoshoot is one of the easiest tasks a bride can accomplish before their wedding day and creates an experience that both partners will enjoy for decades to come. If you’ve been considering a photo session as part of your wedding event, now is the time to jump in and let the experts work their magic for your special day. Maybe you’re not the bride yourself but know a bride-to-be. Find out why boudoir is a great gift to give.

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