A New Tradition: Boudoir Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties have traditionally been a way for brides and grooms to blow off some steam and have one last, wild night of “freedom” before their wedding. But traditions change, and often for the better, in my opinion. What if the idea of a drunken night full of drama and regret doesn’t suit you?

I have a solution.

Photography By Krisleen

The purpose of these pre-wedding events has been shifting from an excuse to party like a maniac to a way to connect with the friends who have always supported your life and relationship with your partner-to-be. They function as a way for the bride-or-groom-to-be to spend meaningful time with their most important friendships, unwind from wedding planning, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Boudoir bachelor and bachelorette parties are trending all over the internet and for good reason. It’s 2023! We’re done being ashamed of our bodies, we’re embracing our power and sensuality and we value intimate connections with the people closest to us. They represent a celebration, not only of the new marriage but of our self-empowerment, our body positivity and the magic of close friendships. 

Photography By Krisleen

Imagine this:

It’s a week or two before your big day and your wedding party has all gathered together in a private location. Everyone is dolled up, sipping on drinks and posing for photographs that capture the intimacy of your friendship. Of course, the bride or groom is always on everyone’s mind, but the spotlight is really on the closeness of your group of friends… the ones who have been with you through thick or thin, have witnessed your wedding planning meltdowns and have listened to your excitement and fears. This friendship deserves to be remembered every bit as much as what the cake looked like.

After the photo session, feeling reconnected, sexy and energetic, you all go out for cocktails, a delicious dinner or embrace the opportunity to go bar hopping. Everyone looks beautiful, feels happy and can’t wait to cheer you on with tears of joy when you finally walk down the aisle. 

Photography By Krisleen

In this new era of bachelor and bachelorette parties, we’re embracing intimate moments and lasting memories that create a sense of empowerment and self-love. I feel it not only enriches the wedding experience but the friendships that will make a marriage last. 

Cheers to you and to new traditions! 

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