A From Bridal Showers to Boudoir Parties: A Celebration of Female Empowerment

While men have been throwing various forms of “bachelor parties” since as early as the 5th century, it wasn’t until the sexual revolution of the 1960s that women began gathering together to celebrate the bride-to-be. Prior to what we now call the “bachelorette party,” women were only socially permitted to have a bridal shower, and began meeting together again in the evening to have drinks and open gifts they didn’t want to expose to their mother or future in-laws. 

Bachelorette parties took a shift in the 1980s when Time Magazine finally recognized it as a cultural event by writing a story about brides and their friends meeting at clubs with male strippers. Women didn’t want “boring showers” anymore, and they didn’t want to celebrate in hiding while men got to party openly. Alcohol, dancing and rowdy behavior became a key way to embrace sexual freedom and equality with men, and women everywhere jumped on board with enthusiasm.

Photography By Krisleen

Now, in the 21st century, we’re seeing another shift as our culture is learning that marriage equality is a right, and choosing to say “I do” to your love doesn’t mean surrendering your freedom. Women today are embracing their power, the importance of meaningful friendships and the beauty of body positivity in an environment that still prefers to keep female behavior in a neat, tidy and structured box.

Enter the next revolution in bachelorette parties… the boudoir party. A way to honor the bride and the friendships that have sustained her in an intimate, personal setting. Women already spend time at bars and clubs with their girlfriends and they want to do something different, meaningful and beautiful to commemorate their special event and relationships. 

And I’m all about it!

Photography By Krisleen

My bachelorette boudoir parties offer everything you need for an evening of fun, connection and celebration with a keepsake that every participant will be able to enjoy for years to come. I incorporate all of the celebration of a traditional bachelorette party, with a modern twist for the modern woman.

Gather up your closest friends or bridal party for a 3-hour party in a beautiful loft in Old Colorado City while we celebrate with champagne, snacks and photos that show off your friendship, sensuality and joy. Afterward, take off for a nice dinner, or explore the OCC bar scene in style. Every guest gets an 8×10 group photo of the bride’s choosing,  with the option of posing for and purchasing their own personal portrait, and everyone goes home feeling happy, beautiful and excited about the upcoming wedding. The bride feels honored and also gets to honor the people who are invaluable to her. It doesn’t get better than that. 

Photography By Krisleen

I’m so excited to be a photographer in this era of change and enlightenment for women, and it’s a delight to help you make memories with your friends that will last a lifetime. Wedding planning is hectic, so book your party early and plan on an evening where you can unwind and actually enjoy yourself.

A toast to the bride, and to all of the amazing friendships who have supported her!

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