Meet Krisleen

Meet Krisleen….

Let me introduce myself – I am Krisleen, a boudoir photographer in Colorado.  I spent the majority of my life as an Air Traffic Controller and retired at the end of 2016.  I love airplanes and found this to be a very fulfilling career.  As I moved on I found a completely different path in life that brings me so much joy!

I discovered that through photography, I can fulfill another passion of mine, showing women how beautiful they are through my camera lens.  I love seeing their reaction when they first see their images.  As I work with women of all shapes and sizes, I have come to realize that we are all damaged in some way and many of us have low self-esteem.  The way we think of ourselves comes from many sources with one of them being how society presents how we should look  and act.  I have had some very emotional experiences myself while working with goddesses from all walks of life.  I have photographed women who are size zero who have bigger self esteem issues than some women who are a size twenty.  I don’t know the secret sauce, but I can tell you that my photography sessions will give you the experience of a lifetime and you will feel special.  You will see how beautiful you are and walk away knowing that you are a goddess.

Photography By Krisleen

I am a mother, daughter and wife.  I have experienced many things both bad and good.  One of the biggest joys of my life is being a mother.  My son is now in his twenties and is in the Air Force and is stationed in the UK.  It has been an emotional experience for me but I am proud to have raised a self sufficient, confident man who knows that he can do anything that he sets his mind to.

I have two fluffy little pomeranians who are at my side all of the time. They make me happy and are more than happy to let me exercise my mothering skills on them now that I am an empty nester.

If you have ever thought of booking a boudoir photography session and are feeling somewhat nervous reach out to me for a get to know you phone call.   I am happy to share some time to tell you the magic I create in my studio and how it makes my clients feel!

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