A Sneak Peek at My 2023

The year is coming to a close so I wanted to pop into your inbox and wish you the happiest of what the holiday season has to offer. Your business, encouragement, and beautiful bodies have made this year truly incredible. Thank you for trusting me with your special events, your surprise gifts, and your unique moments. I am full of gratitude.

sneak peek

Thank you, also, for reading my thoughts throughout the year and taking the time to understand my passion for empowering the goddess inside of all of us. We are coming into a season where we will be bombarded with images and advertisements for gym memberships, diet plans, and exercise equipment, and while I do care very much about health and wellness, I want to remind you that goddesses do not stop being sexy by putting on a few holiday pounds… or even a lot of pounds. The weight and shape of our body will never determine our worth and my hope is that you continue to love and value yourself regardless of the season.

Photography By Krisleen

As 2023 approaches I’m inviting you to join me and my staff as we embark on a year of falling in love with ourselves. Not just our bodies, but also our quirky personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, our passions, our flaws, and all those idiosyncrasies that make us the complicated humans we are. What if we treated ourselves the way we treat the people in our lives that we love with our whole hearts? I am excited to explore this idea and welcome any feedback you have to offer.

Photography By Krisleen

Whether you are spending time with family, finishing up your end-of-the-year work projects, or curling up at home with your pets I wish you the happiest, healthiest New Year. I am looking toward 2023 with excitement as we grow in self-love and confidence together.

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