Boudoir Bachelorette Parties: Where Tradition Meets the Modern Era

I recently shared with you my opinion on how bachelorette parties have evolved and a lot of you are on board with me. I love the shift from stuffy bridal showers to empowering boudoir parties… but since it’s still a newer concept I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how it works. Here are the 2 most common ones I am asked. 

How is a boudoir party different from a regular bachelorette party?

For starters, a boudoir party gives all participants, not just the bride, a self-centered experience with a keepsake to cherish forever. The bride remains the star of the show, but she shares center stage with her closest friends as everyone gets an opportunity to feel glamorous, sexy and bold. 

My boudoir bachelorette parties take place in a private location instead of a busy restaurant or noisy club. Aside from being downright charming, the loft studio I use in Old Colorado City fosters a sense of closeness and intimacy that is hard to achieve in public. 

Photography By Krisleen

How does it actually work?

This will be one of the easiest parties you will ever plan… because I’m doing half of the work for you! You will extend an invitation to your bridesmaids and decide what kind of clothing everyone wants to wear. Tip: this is a great time to share what’s in everyone’s closets! Next, you’ll arrange what kind of beverages & snacks you’d like to have during the party and what you’d like to do afterward (the party takes approximately 3 hours.)

 I take care of the rest! 

The bride will have her makeup done by my professional makeup artist and everyone will have the opportunity for their own mini-photo session as well as a group photo. The bride will choose one group photo that everyone will receive an 8×10 of and all guests will have the option to purchase their own photo art. 

Soon I will be offering add-on services, such as a massage therapist for your guests to relax and lingerie or sex toy consultants to liven things up. I am open to ideas on the types of extras that a bridal party would really appreciate, so let me know if there is something you’d like to see on my menu of options.

Photography By Krisleen

Afterwards, the night is yours! Old Colorado City has several evening venues you can easily walk to while you’re all dolled up and feeling over-the-top beautiful. Depending on your personal tastes you can make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, go bar hopping, challenge yourselves to an escape room or settle in at your favorite spa for a night of pure luxury.  

In the spirit of our quickly approaching new year, I hope you’ll consider a boudoir bachelorette party as a way to create new traditions, fresh experiences and lasting memories. Cheers to a night of fun, laughter and true friendship!

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