Elevating Wellness through Boudoir Parties

Health and wellness are buzzwords gaining momentum for good reason. For far too long we have pushed aside our own physical, mental and emotional health for the sake of our families, careers and societal pressures to put others first. I’m so grateful that we are living in a time where women are encouraged to focus on self-care and it’s a driving motivator in my creative work.

My boudoir photo sessions are a pivotal way that I impress the importance of self-love, self-care and empowerment to my clients, but they only allow me to work with one client at a time. That’s why I’ve been so excited about my boudoir parties where I can engage with a whole group of women at one time. 

Boudoir parties can be an alternative to the classic bachelorette party, a special birthday party or a “girl’s night out” celebration. But, unlike typical parties, the takeaway isn’t a standard swag bag of thank-you trinkets. A wellness-focused boudoir party sends you and your guests home feeling confident, empowered and more connected to each other.

Photography By Krisleen

Here are some ways you can incorporate even more wellness into your boudoir party.

Nourish the body

Instead of typical party foods that leave you bloated or hung over the following day, consider spa-style snacks. Smoothies or fresh juices, veggie-based tea sandwiches on whole wheat bread, fruit & cheese, hummus, sparkling water, bruschetta… you get the idea. If you don’t want to do all the food prep yourself, consider asking all your guests to bring their favorite health-focused snack to share so everyone can learn some new ideas from each other..

Photography By Krisleen

Hire a wellness advocate

I’m adding an optional massage therapist to my boudoir party menu, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as ideas go. Consider a meditation guide that will create a customized experience for your guests, an aromatherapy expert to give the group some new tools, or a yoga instructor for some light, easy stretching. A vision board facilitator who can help you map out your goals for the coming year or a journaling expert to help you write out your emotions are also excellent ideas for mental health. 

Photography By Krisleen

Create feel-good moments

Get creative in how you can help each other express love and strengthen community. Include a crafty corner where everyone can write notes of appreciation for each other, or a special book for the bride-to-be filled with advice for her upcoming marriage. For a birthday party, create a poster that everyone signs with their favorite memory of the birthday girl. The feelings that these kinds of activities evoke are hard to conjure up on a typical day, but have a lasting impact on our emotional health.

In a world where health and wellness are rightfully being encouraged, boudoir parties emerge as worthy participants. As a photographer who is passionate about self-care, I encourage you to consider a party for the women in your life who deserve a boost. Let’s celebrate our friendships, strengthen our connections and elevate our spirits together. 

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