Newborn Photography: Because Babies Grow Up

“Time moves slowly but passes quickly.” Alice Walker

We can thank the 90s for hair scrunchies, internet chat rooms, alternative rock… and also for newborn photography as we know it today. Before famous artist Anne Geddes began releasing images of wee ones tucked in pea pods and flower pots, newborn photography was barely a thing.

Older generations will recall Olan Mills style photographs of babies propped up in front of fuzzy blue backdrops, but I’m so glad we’ve moved away from that. We’ve embraced capturing babies in natural settings and poses that highlight their budding personalities and there is no going back.

Modern newborn photography is much better at capturing the fleeting nature of childhood than the stuffy, studio portraits of the 80s and previous decades. It focuses on the real-life movements of your baby and how they actually fit into their surroundings. The relaxed, natural poses paint a realistic picture of your wee one, helping you capture their essence as the clock ticks mercilessly away. 

Photography By Krisleen

Studio portraits won’t capture how your baby’s tiny feet fit in the palm of your hand, or the way they gaze into your eyes with wonder when you’re holding them close. They won’t capture the sensation of cradling their fuzzy head in the crook of your arm, or their brand-new skin snuggled up against your own. Those are the images that you want to treasure forever, that you will yearn for when they are grown.

These are the moments and feelings that transcend time but that pass so quickly it seems unfair. The images from your baby photo session will always be a vivid reminder of the magical time of infancy, the unique connection you share with your child and all the emotions you felt. It’s an honor to help create these memories for you.

Photography By Krisleen

As a photographer, it’s a privilege to observe your family and the love that flows between you. Thank you for trusting me with your babies and your precious memories! I hope you cherish every second. 

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