The Dog Days of Summer: Paws for Effect

The “Dog Days of Summer” is taking on a whole new meaning this year as much of the world is experiencing extreme heat, but I want to take the opportunity of this season to talk about a particular category of dogs that holds a special place in my heart… service

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Beyond Our Bodies: Embracing Our Identities as We Age

The process of aging brings with it a series of uncontrollable changes to our bodies that can be equally enjoyable and perplexing. I often find myself guiding my clients, especially when they express the belief that their mature bodies may no longer be suitable for boudoir photo sessions, but now

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Dancing Through Life

Embracing the Change One of the most common conversations I have with my clients is the difficulty in wrapping our minds around the way our bodies change as we age, and how we can still embrace the beauty of our physical selves at any stage of this game we call

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Diversity & Inclusion with Lil’ Miss Story Hour

This month I am honored to put the spotlight on Vanessa Little, a local who has devoted much of her life to the literacy and education of children across the U.S. Vanessa is a resident of Colorado Springs, CO and is a seasoned educator who has dedicated over three decades

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Love in Uniform: Celebrating Military Spouses with Boudoir

Photos for your hero Ever since WWII, when images of Rita Hayworth and pretty girlfriends back home adorned the lockers, barracks, and airplanes of our soldier boys, boudoir photos have been an iconic gift for military sweethearts. Relationships at home are the most important support for our heroes and photo

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Discover Your Inner Pin-Up

Pin-Up Style The allure of the Pin-Up style, often associated with a bygone era, will never go out of fashion. Perhaps you’ve seen the photos in my gallery of bombshell babes in flowery dresses, sexy heels and glamorous makeup, wishing you could adopt this style for yourself. If so, I

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Thinking Outside the Lingerie Drawer

“Do I bring my own lingerie?” This is one of the top questions I get when engaging with new boudoir clients, and it’s a good one! So, let’s talk about clothes.  The short answer is that, yes, you can bring your own lingerie. I also have a wardrobe full of

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Intimacy Unveiled: Boudoir for Your Wedding Engagement

Engaged to be married? Congratulations! I think that love and relationships are some of the most important things to celebrate. Celebration enables our brains to pause, savor the moment, and forever mark it as an essential event worth remembering. Celebration creates a bookmark in our minds and memories. There are

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